Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Anyone?

I live in Fairfax, VA. If you haven't heard we got 28 inches of snow. All afternoon Friday and all day yesterday that was all that was on the news - the snow. They were watching it and tracking it and measuring it every hour on the hour. Everyone was crazy about the snow including my household.

I went as usual on Thursday night to Wegman's and it was like the world was coming to an end. I went again on Friday morning to make sure I did have enough food until Monday. FYI - I never listen to these things because I do find them sometimes a bit exaggerated but this time I did. A radio personality described it as Christmas Eve at the shopping just before they are ready to close. He was right.

The snow came and came and came. I took a walk to Safeway while still snowing. There were people outside walking their dogs, who were just having a great time. Everyone smiled and you got to see your neighbors shoveling or playing with their kids and yes we were all still wondering when it was going to stop. It was like it was never going to stop and finally around 4 pm yesterday it stopped. By sunset you could see the most incredible sunset glissening in the snow.

This morning while walking to church it struck me on how beautiful the snow really is. It doesn't come like this very often. I find it another one of those things that God does to us to remind us who really is in charge. He stopped us all in our busy tracks to stop and well look at the beauty of it all and maybe to look at each other in the rush of life.

It reminds us we are alive. Shoveling even that much snow makes out bodies hurt well that's okay. I'm alive. And it's beautiful outside right now.

In a couple of days it will all be just a nuisance and it will get dirty and start to melt and just plain make a mess everywhere but for right now it's beautiful.

I want to live in this moment and say thank you for reminding me to live for today.