Sunday, September 12, 2010

Even on the Metro You Can Buy a Home Just Look for Me

Today I had an Open House in Arlington. We decided a couple of years ago to trim the budget and we now only have 1 car. It usually works fine but last week I found out that due to scheduling conflicts I could not have the car on Sunday. I got on the internet and went to Hop Stop to see if the Metro would work for me. I saw that the metro stop was a 15 minute walk to the house. I decided I would take the Metro instead of renting a car.

I got on the Metro today and as I walked to the home I placed the Open House signs along the way. It was a different prespective than from just driving there. I also learned the neighborhood better as I was experiencing the neighborhood as if I lived there by walking. Walked by the great park nearby that has a walking/biking trail, the school, and saw people walking, running and biking on this drizzly Sunday afternoon.

The Open House was a great success. A couple came through and we are expecting an offer from them. The additional information I was able to give the prespective buyers as they came through was pricelss. At 4 pm back to pull the signs and go home. When I got to my off my Metro stop and since it was Sunday it would be an hour wait for the next bus that goes by my home.

Sitting there the gentleman next to me asks me, "did you have an Open House?" I said yes. We then start talking about real estate for the next hour and come to find out he and his wife are looking for a home in Alexandria. I happen to have a listing there at a great price. We exchanged telephone numbers and will meet up next week.

I might just take the Metro more often.

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