Friday, May 8, 2009

Good Day Sunshine!

I woke up this morning and the sun was shining. I was happy to see the sun and the blue sky since it's been gray for days here.

I have been reading that I need to get outside for at least 20 minutes to keep my spirits up. That makes total sense to me so I went out looking at property today. I love walking through homes. I love looking at real estate. You would think that after 15 years I would get tired of it. I don't

I love real estate. I go to look and see what is on the market. Tomorrow I will pay visits to For Sale By Owners. I don't ignore them. I think maybe a little more difficult to work with but occassionally they are just fine.

I hope tomorrow is a beautiful as today, maybe a scooter ride will be required too :) that also sends the happy hormones flowing.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hang in There

I seem to say it every day to one of my buyers, "hey guys, just hang in there." We seem to always be in competition for the house. I have written this month 6 offers and have yet to get one through. I have 2 pending but it doesn't look good.

I love my buyers and they are not low balling any homes they are offering more than list but there are so many buyer out there in the Northern Virginia area in the below $400,000 price point that it's difficult to find any homes.

Even the homes in the worst condition have 3 offers on them. So as anything that we really want we are going to have to work for it.

Hang in there, patience will pay off.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello, hello, I Feel Your Pain

I feel your pain. The pain of trying to get a realtor call you back. We realtors also feel your pain as you buyers. I know, you ask yourself, "I'm interested in the house why can't the agent return my call. How about actually answering the phone."

I ask myself the same question. I have a written offer on a property and want to speak to the listing agent before I fax it over and can't get her/him to call me back. Or they get the offer and we are waiting for a response and I call for a follow up to see where we are on this. Nothing.

This is the biggest complaint from the public that deals with us. Now we have email, blackberries, texting. I still can't get a response.

My advise to you is get yourself an agent that responds to you. There are plenty of professional realtors that answer their cellphones. They want to do business with you in a professional way. It starts with answering their phone or returning the call with a couple of hours.

I have been in business for over 15 years and return all my calls, emails, texts, and I answer my cellphone when you call me.

There was a proliferation of speakers that ran around telling agents not to answer their phones - you control who you talk to. Well, I never bought into it. I always have taken calls on my cellphone. Today, I am still in business and most of my clients are referrals. Why, I answer my phone. I am not afraid to speak with you my buyer or my seller.

I'm here for you. That is the level of service I believe every person buying or selling the largest expense in their life deserves at minimum.

Work with a professional realtor.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Your Neighborhood Agent on a Scooter

So today was interesting, I decided I was going to scooter it around today. It was a brisk day and overcast. It's hard to decide when it's overcast. Will it rain? Will it not rain? I love my scooter but sometimes my fellow female Realtors sort of look at me as if I am crazy. The question always comes, "are you going to show property on that?" My answer is always why Yes :)

If someone meets me at a property then follows me to the next home why can't they follow me on my scooter? Today, I previewed a property then showed it and then we met back at my office. On the way to the office it started to drizzle.

I got to the office and they were a little behind about 20 minutes and it started pouring. Thankfully, I got in before the downpour. We met, wrote an offer and to my surprise my buyers offered to put my scooter in their van and take me home :)

No, I said thank you but how nice is that? It let up just drizzling again. I dried off my scooter and off I went back home. I had to go about 5 miles. Hmmmm, yes it was a little wet. They need to make helmets with a wiper on it or something. I took it a little slow. I am a little skittish about riding in the rain.

Oddly, enough only my left leg got wet on my thigh. Why not my right? I wear a mesh jacket and had a long sleeve sweater on so I was not cold and had also worn a scarf to keep the wind down.

I got home safely. I didn't any cagers push me took my time and it was good. I worry about the oil slick on the road but I had let more than 20 minutes pass after the rain. I got home stored my scooter and got on the phone to follow up on my listing appointment.

My listing appointment moved it to tomorrow thank goodness, already put my scooter away still raining.

Love being green on my machine.