Friday, January 30, 2009

Starting Again

So I am starting to blog again. I did a little blogging but got busy and had personal stuff going on like selling my own home and moving. But, back in the groove again I have to go and vent somewhere.

Funny, enough my first post is going to be about my own move and experience. I moved from one state to another. Okay, so I am a licensed broker and should be able to go to another state and rent a house and really not have issues other than find the right price for what I want and need for my family. I also got an order from my husband on what he wanted, so off I went to northern Virginia.

My first trip up was for 4 days just before Thanksgiving. It was filled with visiting Catholic schools and finding the right fit for my boy. Then it was the house. Once I selected the school I really wanted to be close. Close so we could walk to church and to school. Close so that we could have a better quality of life. So the biggest problem I had was getting a realtor to actually return my phone call regarding their rental. The same goes with the homeowner's and their managing of their rental homes.

I find a house and it is a For Rent By Owner. She was quite nice and I fill out the application. 10 days later I am still waiting for an answer. Her husband is now managing this and I frankly am out of patience, I move onto house #2 and again another homeowner who is a "Master Negotiator". So because the market is ripe with plenty of rentals I decide to walk and make another trip up. I now make a 2nd trip back to find another home. I find something very nice on of all places Craig'

This agent had me complete an application and send the fee to her overnight. By the time I arrived back in Virginia I am fully prepared to be presented to a homeowner renting their home and I am prepared to rent. The realtor has several homes set up for me to see. I am thrilled and the one I found her on originally is the one I like the best. When I leave that following Monday I have a signed lease and saved money since the For Rent By Owner is more than what I have rented. My lease is a much larger home and my son can walk to school, church, and the park. Perfect no but I am happy and so is my family.

The moral of the story - GO GET A REALTOR even I need a Realtor!